Groups Den Bosch

In the middle of one of the most beautiful streets in the Netherlands, you’ll find Korte Putstraat – a bustling thoroughfare lined with pubs, bistros, and restaurants. Nestled within this vibrant street is Roels Food & Drinks, an ideal destination for international groups visiting Den Bosch. Roels is perfect for enjoying lunch, dinner, and drinks. From early morning until late evening, Roels welcomes everyone, providing a cozy atmosphere akin to home. With an array of local beers, accessible cuisine, and the quintessential Bossche Bol (a signature sweet treat of our city), Roels is the ultimate destination.

Group Spaces:

Den Bosch eventsWe cater to groups ranging from 8 to 300 guests, offering a diverse range of options. Whether you require a private room for a meeting or wish to host a lively party for your employees, our options are nearly limitless. We boast three distinct areas: the first floor, which accommodates up to 200 guests and is the most commonly utilized space, offers tables for drinks and dinner throughout the day. Every friday and sterday after dinner, the tables and chairs go’s on the side and we great a place for dancing en drinks. Upstairs, we have two separate rooms, each capable of hosting a maximum of 70 people. One of these rooms, known as ‘Little Roels,’ is ideal for exclusive use and can be adapted for various purposes, including meetings, presentations, standing dinners, and company drinks. This space features built-in amenities such as a projector, its own bar, and restroom facilities.

Culinary Offerings for Groups in Den Bosch:

Our menu showcases classic recipes, local specialties, and innovative street food. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our menu, we’re happy to create it for you. Our standard group menu includes a selection of small plates perfect for parties, three-course meals with choices, tasting menus, lunch options, and a variety of burgers. Some menus are designed for standing consumption, while others are tailored for seated dinners. If none of our standard options suit your needs, we’re more than willing to craft a customized menu just for you. For those seeking an extraordinary experience, we offer a range of options featuring local ingredients, such as the Branase high beer, the local lunch plate, or a seasonal menu.

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Activities in Den Bosch for Groups:

Interested in exploring the city, engaging in team-building activities, or simply taking a break from your meeting? Look no further! Our events agency, Bossche Locals, specializes in organizing comprehensive programs tailored to your preferences. With an intimate knowledge of our city and an extensive selection of games and activities, Bossche Locals can arrange everything from evening DJs, to boat tours and city-wide scavenger hunts. Fill out the form below, and they’ll be in touch promptly. They’re also available to cater to your culinary needs, should you require just a quick bite.